Just Start Somewhere!

I’ve always found that the most difficult part of any project or task is simply getting started. Give yourself a boost of caffeine, a self-inflicted jab in your side, whatever it takes, to get in the zone and get going! Here are a couple of other principles, ideas, whatever you may want to call them, that gave me the motivation to build the LED cube pictured in this video. It took me about three years. I didn’t spend eight hours a day, of course, but a few hours here and there. Then one day, it was done!

Don’t wait for circumstances to be perfect.
Don’t wait for that ideal weather, or when you are less tired, or after your in-laws are gone to get started. If you do that, you are not embracing one of the best aspects of our humanity: our ability to bend and adapt to adverse situations.

Divide and conquer.
Don’t let the forest get in the way of your seeing the trees. You do not need to work out every detail in your project plan to get started. Break your project into manageable pieces and just start working on one of the tasks.

Realize that by doing anything, you’re already a step ahead.
You know them and I know them: The naysayers that have an excuse for not trying. Rejoice in the fact that they exist, since each one is one less person you’ll have to compete with.

Love to hear your thoughts and comments. What are some of the day-to-day principles you apply to get going on a project?

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