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I want to bring your tech project to life!

I have a bachelors in physics and have been in the IT profession since 1994. I have a solid background in full-stack web development using multiple languages including PHP and Java.

I started tinkering with micro-controller electronics and decorative LED lighting around 2013. I had always been fascinated by the versatility of LEDs and its possibilities as a medium of artistic expression. When a colleague introduced me to Arduino, an open source micro-controller, I was intrigued by how easily the technology could be used to control LEDs, and so began my journey into building light sculptures and delving into robotics.

As time went on, my creative drive led me to learn more about other fabrication tools, such as 3D printers, laser cutters, and CNC machines, and my skills were further enhanced through the use of these tools.

So contact me and let me help you get started building your dreams!

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